What to Look for in a New Motorcycle Pet Carrier for Dogs Finding the right pet carrier for your dog ahead with you on your own motorcycle trips trips needs research. With however, you have to know everything you need. You can find certain features every quality pet carrier should have. While it could be exciting, bringing your dog along on your own bike, it can be a little scary when you have a lesser-quality carrier. So, when you're searching for the right pet carrier for your canine companion, consider the following features Durability It's extremely very important to your pet carrier to be durable in virtually all conditions, such as for instance the Kuryakyn 4199 Pet Palace Bag. This covers sets from being made out of strong materials, to manage to hold up against the happenings of the road. You would like your carrier not just to withstand being moved around a lot but to manage to hold around weather. Picking a carrier that is waterproof, like the Kuryakyn 4199 Pet Palace Bag, will protect your pet against rain, and other problematic weather. Most reliable pet carriers are made of heavy-duty plastic, and some are even reinforced with aluminum. Secure Door/Locks One of many biggest concerns motorcyclists might have when it comes to a good pet carrier could be the door. Some bags have several openings, including top windows that enable your dog to stick it's go out and benefit from the open road. But, when you need your pet to be safe and secure, it's important to learn that all of the openings are secure and locked. Also, you must ensure it's extremely hard for your dog to accidentally unlock anything from the interior of the carrier.